Clinic Policies

Although each practice within our group is run differently, here are some clinic policies we all agree upon to keep our clinic running as smoothly as possible.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

The Alderlea Medical Clinic is committed to providing a safe, secure, and respectful environment for all patients and staff.  Words or actions that make others feel threatened or demeaned will not be tolerated.  Individual(s) may be asked to leave, the police may be called, or the individual(s) may face dismissal from our practice


Please book ahead for all expected, routine, and follow-up appointments.  Chronic disease follow-up, and complete exams must be booked ahead and cannot be taken care of in the shorter “same day” appointments.

For more urgent problems we try to have “same day” or “fit in” appointments available. These are shorter appointments and not meant to be used for chronic disease follow up, complex issues, or complete physical exams. Please call at 9:00am to check for availability of space. Although we try, these appointments may not always be with your regular physician.

In order to better deal with your concerns thoroughly and effectively, we are often unable deal with several unrelated medical concerns at one visit. Please let us know at the start of your appointment what your concerns are so that we can deal with the most important problem at that visit. If you wish to discuss other unrelated concerns, then please book additional appointments.

Telephone Prescriptions:

We do not refill prescriptions over the phone or fax. We will provide you with enough medication until your condition needs to be reassessed. Please be aware of when your medications are running low and book an appointment to have them refilled ahead of time. Please refrain from asking family members to get refills for you at their appointments. If you are unable to get in to see your doctor in time, many pharmacists will be able to provide an emergency supply until you can be seen.

Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact our office prior to your scheduled time.  Not doing so may result in you being billed for your visit. These fees can be found on the uninsured services page.

Test Results:

We do not routinely call patients regarding test results unless we have any concerns or require further investigations. All other results can be reviewed at your next regularly scheduled appointment.  If you would like to review your test results, please book an appointment with your doctor.

Hospital coverage:

Not all physicians in this office follow their patients when admitted to the Cowichan District Hospital. Throughout the week, most of our physicians see their own hospital patients before the clinic, however patients under the care of Drs Jamie Pighin and Simon-Pierre Glaude are assigned to a designated “Doctor of the Day” physician who will follow them throughout their hospital stay. On weekends and holidays, physicians take turns covering inpatients.

Alderlea Medical Clinic