For routine prescriptions, please plan ahead and book your appointment for 1-2 weeks before you run out. This gives us time to order any blood tests before you actually fill your prescription and ensures you do not run out of a much needed medication. We do not refill medications over the phone as noted in the clinic policies. Of note, most pharmacies are able to fill emergency supply medications if you are not able to see your doctor in time.


We carry Tetanus/diphtheria (due every 10 years) and Pneumococcal vaccine (indicated for everyone over 65 or with a chronic disease) free of charge. We do not carry routine Childhood Immunizations. These begin at 2 months of age and are done at the Duncan Health Unit (Margaret Moss Health Unit). We can prescribe and administer further vaccines for Hepatitis and Shingles. Vaccinations for travel medicine can best be done at specialized travel clinics and should be organized at least 6 months prior to travel. More information on what vaccinations you may require for travel can be found here. You can also talk to your doctor about this further.

We do do have flu clinics during the flu season for patients of the Alderlea Medical Clinic to receive their flu shot. For anyone that cannot attend a designated flu clinic in the office, please talk to your doctor. There are also various flu clinics in town, including at most local pharmacies.

Alderlea Medical Clinic